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Founder - Graeme Crothall

Founder Graeme Crothall has 40 years' experience in hospital housekeeping and during that time he has founded and led four successful companies in the industry whose revenues today exceed $2.5 billion. To say that Graeme was born into this industry would not be a stretch, as his father, Alan Crothall, pioneered the concept of outsourced hospital housekeeping in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Founders History

Taking the knowledge that he had learned from his father, Graeme founded Crothall International, Ltd. in 1969. Known for providing strong operational expertise and quality services at a fair price, the company grew from one hospital housekeeping client to over 200 hospitals in twelve years. After leaving Crothall International, Graeme formed Quornden, Inc. Here again, he demonstrated hisAlan Crothall  | xanitos.com ability to build strong organizations, achieving impressive organic growth, and providing excellent service. Quornden later become Marriott's Facilities Management Division. Today, Crothall International and Quornden, make up Sodexo's Facilities Management Division.

In 1991, Graeme founded Crothall Services Group. As was true for his previous two companies, Crothall Services Group developed a reputation for providing quality service. The company grew from $16M to $450M in revenues, with over 300 hospital clients during Graeme's 11 years of leadership. Crothall Services Group today is the second largest in the industry.

Prohibited from competing in the hospital housekeeping industry, Graeme turned his focus to the commercial, manufacturing and education markets through the establishment of GCA Services Group. Once again, revenue growth was strong, at more than $400M under his leadership.

Returning to his roots, Graeme Crothall has established Xanitos to focus solely on hospital housekeeping. Graeme's commitment to providing quality service and his track record for building strong organizations based upon organic growth and strong operational know-how will ensure the success of Xanitos in the hospital housekeeping industry for years to come.