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Ambulatory Cleaning Services

The recent pandemic has accelerated the trend of health systems working to improve patient care access by expanding services beyond the traditional hospital into outpatient settings. This increase in both outpatient services and volumes creates new challenges for facilities.

With greater service offerings in the outpatient space comes greater regulatory scrutiny, compliance requirements and quality demands. Medical office buildings have been historically cleaned by commercial or janitorial cleaners who lack the expertise in healthcare compliance requirements, disinfection levels in higher acuity spaces, and service response demands that arise from high visitor volumes.


Xanitos knows that healthcare facilities are bound to the highest cleaning standards. To optimize safety, cleanliness, and service with financial stewardship, Legion Building Services has developed management and staffing systems that meet regulatory requirements, ensure hourly staff recruitment, retention, engagement and quality assurance support a stable high performing service-oriented operation, and ultimately establish and maintain an effective and financially responsible ambulatory cleaning service. LEGION BUILDING SERVICES has 50+ years of experience in healthcare cleaning management and has grown organically via reference to serve hundreds of ambulatory sites in the United States.


Combining Legion’s comprehensive approach to ambulatory cleaning with Xanitos’ national footprint, HCM systems, and operational rigor allows our existing and prospective clients to leverage their trusted partner in cleaning to address all cleaning needs throughout the healthcare organization. By consolidating our services with a healthcare cleaning specialist, Xanitos and Legion combine to be the trusted and simple cleaning solution for our healthcare partners. Internally, this combined organization further grows our mission to help save lives thereby enhancing the retention and career growth of our associates more broadly.  Ultimately, a single specialist healthcare cleaning solution simplifies a fragmented and complex service for our healthcare partners, creates the highest value in optimizing service, safety and cost and creates career opportunity for those valued associates and managers dedicated to helping save lives through safe disinfection.  

Healthcare Ambulatory Cleaning Specialist


The safety of our teams and our patients is Xanitos’ number one priority. To ensure the long-term safety of the communities we serve, we’ve implemented comprehensive safety training and education, the appropriate cleaning chemicals, and thorough quality assurance.


Xanitos understands that outpatient facilities require greater quality and service than traditional commercial buildings given the services provided and volumes expected. To ensure that quality and service is being met, Xanitos management performs regular quality inspections that are documented with reporting available for our clients.

Understanding that service is paramount, Xanitos also leverages a real-time updated service dashboard allowing our partnered site leaders to indicate any service requests and our directly reporting client visibility into the service of the entire portfolio.


Meeting the regulatory needs of TJC, DNV, OSHA and DOH, Xanitos follows industry standard environmental cleaning practices by implementing policies and training procedures to prevent the spread of infections. These cleaning practices promote consistent and standardized cleaning procedures that extend beyond routine cleaning for all our partners’ facilities.

Documentation: All Xanitos employees have required training and documented competencies completed annually. Procedure, surgery, and pharmacy rooms that require terminal cleaning will have logs properly documented and made readily available.

Operational Audits: To maintain this high level of operating standards, we regularly monitor our programs to ensure our systems are being run correctly and that we are meeting compliance requirements.


Xanitos is a specialist in the healthcare ambulatory facility cleaning industry, backed by over 50 years of healthcare cleaning experience. We have a proven track record of improving quality, service, and the patient experience while enhancing clinical and operational efficiency.