Environmental Services

Xanitos' fundamental objective is to be in the forefront of the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections while providing the best quality of housekeeping service available.

As a result Xanitos' patented XRO System was created – the first true innovation in hospital housekeeping in decades. Exclusive to only Xanitos clients, the XRO System incorporates Xanitos' proprietary XRO-3 vacuum cart and industry leading management teams designed to increase HCAHPS scores while assisting in the reduction of HAIs.


Xanitos is a contracted EVS service provider focusing exclusively in the healthcare market. Xanitos is responsible for cleaning all patient and non-patient areas within the hospital.

Patented XRO System:

Through the XRO System Xanitos has eliminated the concept of the "lone unit housekeeper" for daily patient room cleaning and instead developed a team mode, the "XRO team".

3-Step Process:

It starts with a three person team (with no more than one person in a patient room at a time) that uses two carts: The XRO-3 vacuum cart and a standard EVS supply cart.

Step 1: The first two team members walk all of the patient areas they are scheduled to cover removing trash and excess debris.

Step 2: The third team member begins the vacuum process utilizing the XRO-3 vacuum cart, following detailed procedures for removing dust, dirt, and debris that may contain harmful pathogens from the patient room.

Step 3: Once finished with trash removal, the first two team members then follow behind the vacuumer, individually performing detailed cleaning in adjacent patient rooms and bathrooms, including disinfecting all touch points. 

After all team members complete daily assignments they are available to complete discharges and other project work.


Proprietary XRO Vacuum Cart:

Dust can carry harmful pathogens such as C. diff and MRSA. Traditional housekeeping tools move dust around; the XRO-3 Vacuum Cart removes these harmful pathogens.

Exclusive only to Xanitos clients, the proprietary, patented XRO-3 has powerful suction (120"water lift) and its filter removes and traps particles larger than 0.12 microns in diameter with 99.9995% efficiency. The strong suction ensures removal of all dust, and the ULPA filter system captures pathogens such as MRSA, C. diff and VRE. The vacuum cart is amazingly quiet with noise levels equal to those of a normal speaking-voice (just 50 dB).

Employee Training:

Xanitos transforms its EVS employees from being "housekeepers" to being an integral part of the patients healing process and that they are truly "helping save lives".

All new employees receive initial training on hospitality, scripting, and detailed knowledge of the types of pathogens which exist in the patient environment and the importance of daily cleaning. Training includes classroom and practical instruction with a competency test administered at the end.

XanApps – Proprietary Software:

XanApps is the operational and financial suite of cloud-based software applications designed by Xanitos to monitor quality and productivity.
  • XanStaff – Detailed work assignments for each person or XRO team, which incorporate the new proposed staffing schedules, are produced each day. With prior days warning Xanitos' XanStaff software allows for the readjustment of duty lists and staffing to account for predicated increase or decreases in workload.
  • XanCheck – Selects rooms at random for an inspection using an iPad to evaluate a patient's room as either "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory." The percentage of satisfactory scores provides a measure of cleanliness. This tool is helpful in tracking cleaning performance and identifying areas of the Hospital that require attention.
  • XanFin – Three main functions: hours reporting, internal financial reporting and performance scorecards. Other weekly reporting of key performance metrics is also completed through XanFin.


  • Increase HCAHPS - On average an increase of 4 points in "Top Box" for cleanliness, as patients interact with the cleaning staff 3-4 times per day.
  • Reduce Costs - On average Xanitos has reduced costs by 5-20%
  • Increase Productivity by 5-10% -The Team Cleaning creates team camaraderie — team members hold each other accountable for getting the job done
  • Improve Employee Engagement - By instilling the importance of the housekeeping process in "helping save patient lives" while providing a healthy environment for the entire Hospital community
  • Improve Throughput - Average patient bed turnaround in less than 57 minutes
  • Reduction in Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) - Studies show dust particles may harbor harmful pathogens. Unlike traditional methods, Xanitos' patented XRO System removes dust from the patient environment

Case Study

At a licensed 400-bed facility that Xanitos serves, census runs at 95% of capacity or above. High volumes and a short length of stay (approximately 3 days) put tremendous pressure on the hospital to turn beds over as quickly as possible following discharge. Financial constraints necessitated a 1.4 FTE decrease in available discharge staffing in EVS. Rather than pulling from other areas and reducing service to cover this decrease or irresponsibly running over budget, the on-site and regional support team dove into the numbers with the goal of meeting the new financial challenge without a loss in service delivery.

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