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Patient Observation Services

Xanitos’ mission is to partner with healthcare organizations to help save lives. Our Patient Observation Assistants program is built with that goal in mind, to always ensure a patient’s safety during their hospital stay. We prioritize the recruitment, education, leadership presence, and engagement of our associates. Xanitos’ POA program will meet and exceed a targeted 90% fill rate of requested observations which will lead to high quality outcomes for our partners and our patients.


The role of the Patient Observation Attendant (POA/sitter) is to keep the patient safe when otherwise unattended in their room. Based on an assessment by nursing, Xanitos POAs are assigned to monitor patients who are classified as a safety or suicide risk under the terms of the POA program. This allows the clinical staff to focus their resources on patient care. POAs are not permitted to provide medical care or intervention. The primary role of the POA is to maintain uninterrupted visual observation of a patient and alert the care team of any issues observed regarding the patient’s safety or welfare.


Responsibilities of a Patient Observation Attendant (POA/sitter) :

  • Remains at the bedside of assigned patient, unless relieved by an appropriate staff member.
  • Verbally redirects the patient from engaging in behaviors deemed at-risk.
  • Seeks help or advice as soon as possible when patient appears to be in medical destress or poses a threat and escalates to assigned medical professionals.
  • Participates in a collaborative identification and reporting of patient safety issues. Assures patient environment is safe, reporting any safety hazards to the charge nurse. Removes visible hazards and reports, as appropriate.
  • Assists in calming and/or reorienting patient in cases of agitation or confusion.
  • Assists patient with ordering dietary tray, setting up of patient's meal trays, basic positioning of patient, taking a ride in a wheelchair and/or ambulation if patient is stable and gait has been previously determined safe by assigned staff nurse. May assist with ambulation, if directed to by the RN.


  • Labor Savings, up to 50% or more per sitter FTE
  • Improved fill rate of requested observations, 90%+
  • Ability for hospital to reallocate nursing and clinical resources
  • Ability for Xanitos to cross-train support service staff, thereby improving overall staffing flexibility and reducing overtime
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance, through a dedicated program and expertise
  • Increased Retention %’s for hospital, by transitioning a high turnover department
  • Increased Nursing Satisfaction
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction