Growing our People, Hourly to Management Development Toolkit

We are, and always will be, a people-based business. This is why growing our people is one of Xanitos’ core values as an organization. Our success as an organization is based on the talent and effectiveness of our management teams. This belief is why we have invested in education programs like XanU, Regional Based Trainings, Director CEO workshops and are proud to announce the introduction of the Hourly to Management Development Toolkit.

Created by the Xanitos education team with feedback from operational leadership, including Resident Regional Directors and recently promoted Managers, the Hourly to Management Development Toolkit is designed to help frontline team members grow their career into salaried leadership roles with the support of their management teams. Within the toolkit hourly team members can discover their learning style and experience targeted learning activities that help grow key leadership skill sets. Recommended online learning and reading assignments are also introduced. A self-assessment guides team members to identify what subjects to prioritize. Paired with stories of career growth within Xanitos, this toolkit serves to inspire and educate the future of our company. 

This tool is intended for use in partnership between Unit Directors and hourly employees. Whether it’s an employee who has been identified as high potential by their direct report or an employee who has approached their leader – this tool develops skills to bridge the transition into a leadership position.  Ideally individuals would begin leveraging this resource after having a conversation with an employee and interest in growing their career with Xanitos has been identified. The toolkit is designed to be worked on collaboratively and to go at an appropriate pace based on participant progress. The education team recommends allowing for 3 to 6 months to complete the activities in the toolkit. 

The introduction of the toolkit is an important resource for our current leaders to help grow frontline team members. As an organization, Xanitos has worked to strategically to encourage the promotion of our frontline. We recognized in 2021 that we are more likely to retain new managers when they are promoted from within. In addition, more than 75% of those promoted from within were female. For the first time, Xanitos is proud to report that as of July 2022, more than 50% of its operational management is female. This is an important milestone for Xanitos as females make up over 60% of frontline team members.

If you have questions or feedback, please provide it to your Regional Training Director or any member of the education team.

Written by: Kelly Griswold, National Director of Education