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Environmental Services' role goes beyond cleanliness to impact patient safety and satisfaction

Infection control has always been a crucial part of the culture at every hospital. Environmental cleaning and disinfection are the key components of comprehensive cleaning policies that prioritize patient safety. Without these key components, patients can be potentially exposed to a six times greater risk to the pathogens of the previous patient who occupied their room. Effective cleaning and disinfection that happens in patient room and equipment breaks the chain of infection serving as the first line of defense, protecting patients from being exposed to harmful pathogens.

Harmful pathogens like C. difficile and MRSA can lead to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). It is important to remember that all HAIs are preventable, and while significant progress has been made to reduce the number of preventable infections over the past 10 years, each year hospitals looks to further reduce infections and improve overall patient safety.    

The Environmental Services Department plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining a clean and safe patient care environment. Xanitos’ Environmental Services team members are trained to clean and disinfect surfaces and the environment in patient rooms and a variety of clinical settings. Our education team evaluates delivers knowledge, educational resources, and aids in evaluating the competence of EVS team members to elevate patient safety at each of our medical centers.

Xanitos Management teams prioritize patient safety by inspecting the care environment using Xanitos’ proprietary inspection software. These inspections allow managers the opportunity to provide reward and recognition for team members who do an outstanding job honoring a culture of patient safety. The data collected from these inspections also helps leaders in Infection Prevention and Healthcare Administration understand and evaluate how the EVS team positively impact’s a hospital’s patient safety culture.  

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