Remove Dust from the Patient Environment

Studies have shown pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, and C. diff that shed from the patient's body can exist on room surfaces and dust particles. In the case of C. diff, spores can survive up to six months! High dusters and traditional dust control tools temporarily capture and hold dust rather than remove these contaminants thereby creating an opportunity to spread pathogens from room to room; hence, patient to patient.

To solve this problem, Xanitos partnered with a manufacturer of central vacuuming systems to design and build a proprietary EVS vacuum cart to be used in the healthcare environment.

Design specifications of the XRO-3 Cart:

  • Super quiet (50 dB)...quieter than a normal speaking voice
  • Super powerful (120" water lift)
  • Filtration system captures the smallest of pathogens (ULPA filtered) at 0.12 microns or larger with 99.9995% efficiency, capturing and containing bacteria such as MRSA, C. diff, and VRE

The XRO System Removes Dust
Third-party studies show that traditional dust control tools only reduce the air particle counts by under 10% whereas Xanitos' XRO System reduces the air particle count by almost 70%. This is the result of Xanitos' three-stage ULPA-filtered XRO vacuum.