Reducing Vacancy Rates and Overtime with Xanitos


In 2021, a large West Coast multi-hospital system in Washington region had their EVS department struggling and lacked systems, controls, leadership, and staffing. Vacancy rates were over 25%, overtime over 20%, and there were significant opportunities in quality and service.

They turned to Xanitos and began a partnership to manage their hospitals EVS department, leveraging their expertise within healthcare EVS.


As a specialist, Xanitos provided expertise, onsite leadership, and operational resources. With Xanitos' extensive experience with unionized employees, Xanitos partnered with labor to implement the following:

  • A staffing analysis was completed across the region to “right-size” labor allocation and assignments in XanStaff.
  • Oversight and follow-up of recruiting process led to immediate traction. Xanitos provided supplemental temporary staffing to further reduce overtime.
  • Best-in-class training was provided to all employees to raise the quality of work and improve employee engagement, thereby improving consistency and retention.
  • Management structure was realigned to provide better oversight across the region, allowing for proactive customer rounding and quality inspections daily.


Within 6 months, significant progress has been made in reducing overtime, allowing the hospital to meet its budget at 99%. With a successful program and appropriate staffing in place, consistent improvements have been made in the quality and service delivered.

As a result, the hospital management gained confidence in the program and patients, visitors and staff are provided a safe environment daily.

Xanitos has changed the way hospitals are cleaned to provide your patients and staff a safer healthcare environment. Today we serve nearly 100 Medical Centers across the US.

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