Driving Results with Xanitos XRO® System cleaning

Today’s hospital environment is facing challenges of insuring patient safety with limited physical resources at hand. Improving and optimizing inpatient throughput is essential to hospitals while insuring a decrease in incidents of C.difficle to generate revenue long term.

For maintaining a smoothly operated healthcare center Xanitos shares the following case study, learn how Xanitos' specialized XRO® system solution drove results for its partnered accounts.

A prominent multi-hospital health system’s self-operating Environmental Service Departments were struggling. Performance was not at standard with patient experience scores for cleanliness nearing the 30th percentile, bed throughput times averaging over 80 minutes, and hospital incidence of c. difficile higher than acceptable. Contributing to this was an hourly vacancy rate of over 20%. The healthcare system needed help but also had to ensure the strong, cohesive culture evident throughout the hospitals remained through any performance improvement work.

Xanitos was the ideal EVS partner to improve performance while maintaining and building upon the strong culture that the multi-hospital health system had created. Prior to implementing Xanitos’ proven framework for performance improvement, including the XRO® System, Xanitos had to build trust and engagement across both the frontline workforce and hospital managers, and between departments such as nursing and hospital leadership. Xanitos did this through a purposeful transition focused on:

  • A leadership culture of listening.
  • Clear communication.
  • Level-setting expectations.
  • Introducing innovations in support of helping to save lives.
  • With trust and engagement improving via respectful, consistent, and open communication, Xanitos began implementing the XRO® System as part of the full transition of the EVS program.

Improved Patient Experience:

With the XRO® System hardwired by Q3 2018, patients consistently saw increased visits to clean their room with one visit to remove trash, one to vacuum and one to disinfect and clean surfaces. Not coincidentally, HCAHPS for cleanliness began to rise.

Improved Throughput:

Reduced bed turn time by implementing Xanitos recommended staffing for the department.

Fair and Balanced Work Loading:

Restructured staffing such that each EVS daily cleaner had a fair workload, thereby improving morale and promoting accountability within the department.

Allocating Resources to Demand in Throughput:

Using historical data, shift start times were staggered for dedicated bed turn staff to handle peaks and fluctuations in volume.

Proactive Partnership with Human Resources:

Prior to implementation, EVS consistently had an over 20% vacancy rate and an average of 42 days to process new associates onboard. Xanitos leadership partnered with HR to conduct joint interviews and streamline the onboarding process. As a result, the EVS Department is consistently fully staffed and enjoys an onboarding average of 14 days and overtime usage of under 1%.

Decreased Incidence of C. Difficile:

Hardwiring daily vacuuming of patient rooms via Xanitos’ XRO® System was achieved at the hospital by Q3 of 2018 and immediately a reduction in hospital incident of c. difficile was achieved without a change in chemicals. Since, Xanitos has continued to introduce innovation to improve HAC rates by implementing alternative cleaning chemicals that are in place at other Xanitos served sites and electrostatic sprayers as a response to COVID-19.

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