How to: Improve Productivity and Reduce Non-Payroll Expenses 


On July 31, Orlando Ackerson, Xanitos’ Resident Regional Director, participated in a Kimberly-Clark testimonial video about his experience using ONVATION™ Smart Room Management System.  Jeremy Stacy, Regional Director, West was on set to help support the movie star throughout filming.  Shavonne Cullers, Kimberly-Clark Business Operations Leader, spoke with Orlando to learn more about the successful roll out at a California hospital in May of 2019. 

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So, what is ONVATION™ Smart Room Management System?  It’s a patented, smart-sensing technology that monitors and analyzes restroom conditions in real time — sending alerts directly to the EVS team. 

With real-time alerts such as low supplies, low batteries, product jams and trash, Orlando and his team know immediately when there is a need to service the restroom.  Further, through data captured by ONVATION™, Orlando is able to analyze and deliver actionable insights to drive efficiency while reducing operational costs.

 What are some of the financial results? The savings Orlando realized came from three major areas:

  • Non Payroll Expenses Reduced: Eliminated product overstock in restrooms.
  • Maximized Product Utilization:  Product is only refilled after a low product alert is received = no waste.
  • Increased Productivity: Utilizing real time metrics, EVS staff allocated to public restroom cleaning reduced and redeployed to address discharge cleaning. This contributed to a >20% decrease in discharge bed turnaround times.

It has been a year since Orlando and his team implemented the ONVATION™ system with Kimberly-Clark.  He points out that although the financial savings are obviously important; the true value in the system lies in the efficiencies and satisfaction it drives for the EVS staff, hospital visitors and our patients. The bottom line is – EVS staff are more efficient and know where to be and when because of ONVATION™.

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