Innovation on the Front Lines


Xanitos’ XRO® System is an innovation in hospital cleaning. It combines patented vacuum technology with a unique team cleaning process that reduces bed turnaround times and helps reduce the risk of HAIs.  But what if the XRO-3 cart could be a front-line warrior against the spread of COVID-19? 

EVS Resident Regional Director for a west coast hospital, Charlie Lamb did what great field generals always do: Think outside the box.  He visualized the UV light drawer, which is built into the XRO-3 cart to disinfect vacuum accessories, re-purposed to stand guard at COVID-19 ward entrances. Trained labor pool operators would assist medical personnel leaving the unit to load the UV light drawer with their:

N95 respirators
goggles, and other like items.
A UV light decontaminates the surfaces of these often-overlooked high touch items and adds a layer of personal security to nervous staff.

Charlie performed a demonstration for hospital leadership, and within days “Sanitation Stations” were popping up around the hospital running 16 hours a day! This added service has expanded to numerous hospitals we support across the country.  A great example of how Xanitos’ leadership, creative thinking, and “get it done” philosophy has brought huge value to our partners.