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By partnering with hospitals, we develop a tailored cleaning program that prioritizes quality. Our leading-edge XRO® System and XRO®-3 Vacuum Cart have revolutionized hospital cleaning and guarantee the safety and well-being of patients, caregivers, and visitors, while simultaneously improving HCAHPS cleanliness ratings. However, our highly skilled teams and visionary leadership are the primary drivers of our program's success.

Increase HCAHPS
  • The patient room is far cleaner and dust-free.
  • Daily vacuuming of floors, furniture, vents & ledges improves cleanliness perception.
  • Three separate visits accompanied by careful scripting ensure the patient knows the room has been cleaned.
Help reduce HAIs

When there was no consistent daily solution for removing pathogens carried by dust, we invented the XRO® System and XRO®-3 Vacuum Cart - patented tools that help create safer environments for patients, staff, and visitors.

Engage Employees

Our people are our foundation. We invest in them by providing growth and training opportunities, including our annual Skills Fair training, which was awarded the AORN Seal of Recognition. Educated employees are engaged employees.

Improve Quality

The XRO®System, a patented cleaning solution, safely removes pathogens and improves consistency in cleaning. XanApps®, our quality assurance software, provides daily feedback on the effectiveness of the cleaning program.

Financial Stewardship

Achieving financial stewardship through a tailored approach involves the following steps:

  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Customized Program Development
  • Optimization for Efficiency
  • Maximizing Cost-effectiveness
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Continuous Refinement

By following these steps, we create a customized financial stewardship program that meets our clients' current needs and positions them for future success.

Improve Bed Throughput

XanStaff® software is designed to enhance productivity and optimize labor allocation for hospitals. By customizing EVS staffing based on departmental needs and utilizing throughput models, we aim to achieve 5-8% labor savings. Our approach involves partnering with nursing to understand the specific requirements of each department and structuring our discharge cleaning staff accordingly to meet demand volumes.


Average Cost Savings


Square Feet Cleaned


Average HCAHPS Improvement


Improved Dust Removal

The XRO® System

Through the patented XRO® System Xanitos has eliminated the concept of the "lone unit housekeeper" for daily patient room cleaning and instead developed a team mode, the "XRO® team".  Hospitals can clean more rooms in less time, help decrease the risk of HAIs, and increase patient satisfaction. 

Case Study

For maintaining a smoothly operated healthcare center Xanitos shares the following case study, learn how Xanitos' specialized XRO® system solution drove results for its partnered accounts.

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Where Unmatched Quality Meets Unsurpassed Service

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