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Patient Transport

Transporting patients can be seamlessly integrated into the responsibilities of the Environmental Services (EVS) department. The team is already overseeing operations throughout the hospital and can promptly address any issues that may arise. Xanitos' approach involves a centralized dispatching system to optimize efficiency. Additionally, employing patient transport for discharged patients enables EVS to begin the discharge cleaning process promptly, since they receive immediate notification.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Prioritizing timeliness, comfort, and clear communication while fostering empathy, respect, and dignity in all interactions will improve the overall patient experience. Continuous feedback collection and implementation of improvements based on patient input are vital for ensuring the program meets evolving patient needs and expectations.

Integrate Technology

Using technology in patient transport can improve efficiency and communication. Mobile apps and handheld devices can provide real-time updates. RFID/barcode tech can track equipment and patients, improving safety and inventory management.

Engage Employees

Our people are our foundation. We invest in them by providing growth and training opportunities, including our annual Skills Fair training, which was awarded the AORN Seal of Recognition. Educated employees are engaged employees.

Streamline Communication

A centralized system for scheduling patient transports can improve efficiency and reduce delays. This system should facilitate seamless communication between units, transport staff, and other relevant stakeholders. Utilizing digital tools or software can help automate scheduling, assign appropriate transport personnel, and track transport requests in real time.

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