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Environmental Services

Revolutionize the cleaning practices and standards at your hospital by creating a safer environment for healing.

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Ambulatory Cleaning

Your outpatient facilities should maintain the same level of quality and standardization as acute care facilities.

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Patient Observation

Reduce nursing workload and ensure patients' safety through our continuous visual monitoring of high-risk patients.

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Patient Transport

Streamline the movement of your patients to ensure efficient and safe transfers.

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Laundry Management

Improve your service quality and reduce linen and laundry costs with our knowledgeable management oversight.

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Linen Distribution

Assess your hospital needs with onsite review, linen data analysis, workload assessment, and textile mix examination.

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Why Us

We provide outsourced cleaning and support services specifically for healthcare facilities, catering to both acute care and ambulatory centers.

Client-Centric Approach

Our team tailors a quality-driven program to meet the unique needs and challenges of each hospital partner, providing customized solutions to achieve their goals.

Service Excellence

Established history of elevating patient safety and optimizing throughput, showcasing a track record of success in delivering exceptional outcomes.


We keep our partners informed with regular updates on service details, performance metrics, and other pertinent information to ensure transparency and collaboration.

Reliable Staffing

Balancing efficient staffing and quality service, we recognize the significance of both aspects to maintain peak operational effectiveness.

Engaged Employees

Providing extensive new hire and annual training, such as the AORN-recognized Skills Fair, ensures our employees are educated, engaged, and understand their value.

Cost Savings

Maximize efficiency and productivity by addressing process inefficiencies, ensuring quality, and attaining financial benefits for optimal performance.

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