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The Xanitos Room Optimization (XRO®) System

Studies show pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, and C. diff that shed from the patient exist on room surfaces and in dust particles. In the case of C. diff, spores can survive up to six months. High dusters and traditional dust control tools temporarily capture and hold dust rather than remove these contaminants, which can spread pathogens from room to room or from patient to patient. 

The Solution: The XRO® System marks a groundbreaking advancement in hospital housekeeping, representing the first true innovation in over 50 years. This patented system integrates a collaborative team cleaning approach with the proprietary XRO®-3 vacuum cart to remove dust and dirt from the patient environment. 

Help reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

The XRO®-3 vacuum cart has a three-stage ULPA filtering system that captures 99.9995% of particles 0.12 microns in diameter or larger. This helps remove and trap dust-borne bacteria and fungal spores (such as MRSA, C. diff, and VRE) from hospitals every day, making surfaces easier to sanitize with germicide pre-charged microdenier cloths and mops.

Increase HCAHPS
  • The patient room is far cleaner and dust-free.
  • Daily thorough vacuuming of floors, soft furniture, air vents, and high ledges improves the patients' perception of thorough cleaning.
  • Three separate visits accompanied by careful scripting ensure the patient knows the room has been cleaned.
Improve Quality

The XRO® System, a patented cleaning solution, safely removes pathogens and improves consistency in cleaning. XanApps® , our quality assurance software, provides daily feedback on the effectiveness of the cleaning program.

Engage Employees

Xanitos' XRO® System organizes hospital environmental service cleaning staff into teams, ensuring no more than one housekeeper is present in a patient's room. This approach provides the benefits of team camaraderie while minimizing disruption to patients and their families.

Improve Bed Throughput

Patient Throughput:

Utilizing carefully constructed duty lists through XanStaff® , the XRO® team finishes daily cleans once discharges begin to peak. This results in additional bed turn staff becoming available to respond to the high demand for discharge cleaning when needed most.

Productivity Improvement of 5-9% in Patient Areas 

  • Vacuuming is a more efficient way of controlling dust than traditional tools. It effectively removes dust, reducing the need for multiple mop heads.
  • Cleaning teams can work like a moving assembly line, minimizing nonproductive time.
  • Dedicated staff are responsible for turning beds, and there is visible supervision to support nursing and reduce interruptions.
  • Team members pace each other, with the fastest worker driving the rest of the group.
Financial Stewardship

Achieving financial stewardship through a tailored approach involves the following steps:

  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Customized Program Development
  • Optimization for Efficiency
  • Maximizing Cost-effectiveness
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Continuous Refinement

By following these steps, we create a customized financial stewardship program that meets our clients' current needs and positions them for future success.


Reduction in Microbiological Air Particles


Annual CDI SIR Reduction

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Bed Turnaround Time


Average Increase in HCAHPS "Top Box"

Why Us

Through the patented XRO® System Xanitos has eliminated the concept of the "lone unit housekeeper" for daily patient room cleaning and instead developed a team mode, the "XRO® team".  Hospitals can clean more rooms in less time, help decrease the risk of HAIs, and increase patient satisfaction. 


Our team efficiently manages support services programs, such as EVS, with our proprietary software through daily tracking and transparent information sharing with clients.

Staffing Flexibility

XanStaff®: Controls and manages facility layout, staffing, and employee daily duty lists.

Cleaning Performance

XanCheck®: Smartphone based survey's used to evaluate cleanliness of patient rooms and nurse/client satisfaction.

Financial Reporting

XanFin®: Daily, weekly and monthly payroll and non-payroll expenses.

Transparent Data

XanReport®: Integrated dashboard that summarizes key hospital quality measures.

Measure Performance

Improve quality and productivity using XanApps to manage daily operational performance at your hospital including customer satisfaction and cleanliness. 

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