Mission and Values

Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

Our Values

These are the fundamental principles that drive Xanitos.


To be the best in Quality of Service.


To act with integrity by meeting or exceeding the commitments we make.


To provide a climate where our people can grow in skills and responsibility.


To grow as rapidly as possible, constrained by always achieving the first three goals.


Sleet or Hail, We Show Up

A ‘winter wonderland’ can turn deadly quickly. As January and February froze over, Arkansas was belted by sleet and freezing rain. Slick, icy roads, flailing power lines, and downed trees endangered traffic. Schools and day care were closed and parents, including the EVS staff at partnered hospital in Jonesboro, AR, were stranded with snow-heaped roads and closed child-care.   

But this team knows how to cope with emergencies, and the staff showed up to work. By day 2 of the emergency, the EVS staff had 100% attendance. Zero call-offs from the 75 member staff! That continued for the next few days as other departments were stricken shorthanded.   

EVS Michael Lucas cheers, “THAT’S TEAMWORK AT IT’S BEST!” Xanitos team was the only department with no call-offs. 

Thank you team for exceeding the commitments, you came through! 



Take a Bow - to our team at Flagstaff, AZ

In recent Arizona state audits, our team at the partnered hospital came in first place. The Flagstaff and Verde Valley campuses went 441 days without a Central Line Infection and 279 days without a Catheter Associated Infection. That starts with a clean, safe environment.

Resident Regional Director Mathew Patterson observed, “This accomplishment is a testament to the EVS team’s commitment to a hygienic environment. Their efforts have brought significant improvements to the hospital’s core mission.” 

Way to go team, Safely helping save lives!

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