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Laundry Management

Xanitos has helped its partners improve the quality of their service, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency by entrusting the responsibility of linen and laundry services to the experienced Xanitos management team. This restructuring of duties offers a seamless and continuous service delivery through the oversight of an independent management team, which is responsible for managing the financial, operational, and contractual aspects of the linen and laundry program.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance

Entrusting hospital laundry to a specialized provider ensures adherence to stringent regulations and standards concerning sanitation, disinfection, and environmental sustainability, minimizing compliance risks for the healthcare facility.

Increase Focus

Outsourcing hospital laundry management allows staff to concentrate on core healthcare tasks without the added burden of laundry responsibilities.

Financial Stewardship

Achieving financial stewardship through a tailored approach involves the following steps:

  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Customized Program Development
  • Optimization for Efficiency
  • Maximizing Cost-effectiveness
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Continuous Refinement

By following these steps, we create a customized financial stewardship program that meets our clients' current needs and positions them for future success.

Improve Quality

Professional laundry management services ensure consistent quality, cleanliness, and compliance with industry standards, reducing the risk of contamination and infection transmission.

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Laundry Processed a Year (pounds)


Laundry Distributed a Year (pounds)


Years of Linen and Laundry Experience

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Case Study

Collaborating closely with our affiliated hospital, Xanitos implemented a strategic plan that resulted in over $1.9 million in cost savings over a span of five years. These savings were consistently achieved annually through enhanced services, thereby positively affecting the facility.

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