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Improve Employee Engagement

Creating passion and opportunity drives commitment, morale and a highly engaged workforce. Imagine a team of employees who are genuinely excited about coming to work each day; a team of employees who truly understands and believes in the crucial role they play and the extraordinarily valuable service they provide to the hospital community each and every day; a team of employees who knows they help save lives!

For many EVS staff members Xanitos’ proprietary XRO process and XRO-3 vacuum carts represent the first real investment they have seen in the services they provide. For years EVS departments have been struggling to do more with less and a cleaning system that never changes. Xanitos fully engages the staff as to why we transformed the cleaning process, why it is important to remove dust, dirt, and pathogens from the environment, and each staff member’s crucial role in helping save lives.

The XRO process creates a collaborative environment where staff members are accountable to each other and together as a team. Xanitos EVS departments have seen significant decreases in call-outs and increases in housekeeping productivity due to enhanced employee engagement and a collaborative cleaning approach that encourages peer review and collective compliance with each and every step of the cleaning process .

The EVS staff members also know that the removal of dust/dirt is difficult and leads to unsightly HVAC vents and build up in corners and edges. By providing the staff with the XRO-3 cart we are providing the team with an effective tool to accomplish their job and help save lives.

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