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Improve Patient Satisfaction

HCAHPS scores are based on the percentage of "Always Clean" answer to the question "How often were your room and bathroom clean?". This can be hard for the patient and family members to define, even harder if you never meet your housekeeper which often happens in the unit based single housekeeper approach.

The XRO System is designed to have 3-4 daily interactions with the patient and family members. The EVS team is trained on how to interact with the patient and explain the cleaning process. Visits by the EVS team are welcome as they are non-invasive and provide the patients with a sense of security and comfort that they are in a clean and safe environment are being protected from Healthcare Associated Infections. Xanitos clients have seen HCAHPS scores rise an average of 6 percentage points.

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Download the Case Study on Increasing 'Top Box' HCAHPS scores by filling out the information below. 

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