The AORN Seal of Recognition has been award to the Xanitos Skills Fair and Legion Skills Fair

Xanitos’ annual employee education program

On an annual basis all employees receive refresher training on key skills, know as the Skills Fair.  The Skills Fair is an in-person learning experience led by Regional Training Directors and Training Managers. The Skills Fair includes four modules.

  • Infection Prevention - Learn how EVS disinfection techniques help reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) 
  • Safety and Waste Stream - Understand how to improve the physical hospital environment
  • General and Specialty Area Cleaning - Improve cleaning and disinfection techniques in different patient care areas
  • Patient Experience - Discover how to create genuine connections across the continuum of care  

Developed in 2017, piloted in 2018 and adopted companywide in 2019 the Skills Fair was originally designed to ensure regulatory compliance, and now doubles as an employee engagement experience. All training is documented to meet regulatory requirements and is intended to level set expectations of standard policies and procedures. EVS Management and other department leaders are also asked to attend annual Skills Fair sessions.

Xanitos has been awarded the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses’ (AORN) Seal of Recognition for its Skills Fair. The Seal of Recognition is not an endorsement; however the Seal does signify that the Skills Fair’s content does align with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. As part of the process Xanitos and has received and applied direct feedback from AORN’s clinical and educational nurse experts to the Skills Fair.

AORN Seal of Recognition

Xanitos’ annual employee education program, the Environmental Services Skills Fair, has earned the AORN Seal of Recognition.  Composed of topics including infection prevention, safety, waste stream, general and specialty area cleaning and disinfection and patient experience, the Xanitos Skills Fair is designed to elevate compliance and employee engagement.

Xanitos is a contracted Environmental Services provider focusing exclusively on the healthcare market in both the acute and ambulatory settings.

AORN Seal of Recognition Recipient Gallery 

Below is a snippet of some of the knowledge base video: