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Laundry Management

Xanitos clients have experienced enhanced service and quality and have reduced costs by moving linen and laundry responsibilities under the knowledgeable Xanitos management umbrella. The restructuring of responsibilities provides a continuum of service under an independent management team that oversees the financial, operational and contractual responsibilities of the linen and laundry program.


Xanitos approaches linen and laundry recognizing the distinction and specialization between linen distribution, linen utilization and laundering.

   Linen Distribution : How linen is transported, delivered, deployed and collected throughout a facility.

   Linen Utilization : How, why, what and where linen is used and consumed.

   Laundry : The cleaning or laundering of the linen and the management/ oversight of the circulating linen inventory (whether linen is owned or leased).

Our capabilities in linen and laundry management include, but are not limited to:
  • Formation and development of linen usage policies, procedures and protocols
  • Full assessments of linen utilization, evaluation of linen items and linen specifications
  • Review of labor and logistics related to clean linen distribution and soiled linen collection
  • Analysis and review of laundry and linen lease service agreements
  • Development of targets and performance metrics for all aspects of the service
  • Development and implementation of education and training programs (new and existing staff)
  • Processes to validate and verify effectiveness of laundering practices
  • Evaluation of conversion of a disposable product to a compatible reusable linen item


Xanitos will complete a thorough on-site and off-site assessment and analysis at your facility.  

This assessment will encompass all facets of the service and provide an overview of strengths, weakness, and opportunities of your current program. Xanitos' assessment will identify potential cost savings through a variety of linen distribution, utilization and laundry strategies and provide recommendations. 

This assessment will serve as a starting point from which to identify priorities and assist in the formation of action plans going forward.


While numerous benchmarks exist to assist facilities in setting cost and linen consumption targets; very few facilities are able to reach or indeed exceed set goals.

Introducing appropriate and sustainable change in linen and laundry is difficult and requires extensive knowledge and capable resources. Xanitos possesses the needed experience and resources and has a successful track record in doing so.

Xanitos can deliver cost reductions and service improvements in linen and laundry and positively impact the current and future of your facility.  Regardless of the service model in place, our capabilities and programs will have a positive impact.

Sample service models where Xanitos can help (but not limited to):

  • Linen is leased
  • Distribution is handled by the laundry provider

Case Study

Our recent case study highlights one partner system with over 3,000 licensed beds, active emergency departments at each hospital, and significant outpatient volumes. The system needed to take action to halt escalating laundry and linen expenses, choosing to partner with Xanitos to develop and manage a strategy that would realize cost savings.

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