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Patient Transport

Patient transportation is a natural fit with EVS, as EVS supervisors are managing throughout the facility and can easily address issues. Xanitos believes in a centralized dispatching process to maximize productivity. Additionally, utilizing patient transport for discharge patients gives EVS a jump on the discharge cleaning process as discharge notification is immediate.


While the primary responsibility of a hospital's Patient Transport Department is the movement of patients from point A to point B, at Xanitos we recognize that the transporter delivers the first impression of the hospital (at admission) and the last impression (at discharge). Also, transporters have a unique opportunity to connect with patients on a deeper level due to the amount of time they spend with them. Thus, Xanitos selects and trains transporters who embody safety, courtesy and professionalism delivered with caring and compassion... patient after patient. Positive patient transport experiences directly impact patient satisfaction scores.


We thoroughly train our Patient Transporters in infection prevention, safe handling procedures, proper body mechanics, lifting techniques, safety, hospitality, customer service, and patient scripting (AIDET).  Additionally, our Central Transport Call Center software helps ensure optimal patient flow, with the objective of reducing the amount of time patients must wait.


Shared management of Patient Transport and Environmental Services creates valuable synergies as follows:

  • Through technology, transporters automatically trigger a housekeeping discharge request to EVS even as the patient is wheeled out of the room. This initiates the cleaning process, speeds patient throughput, and relieves nursing of making the call to EVS.
  • EVS supervisors and management provide extra "sets of eyes" both on the Central Transport dispatching screen, as well as on the transporting staff.
  • EVS supervisors can assist in supervising transporters, particularly on night and weekend shifts.