2015 Director of the Year

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Congratulations to Jim Kimble on receiving Xanitos' 2015 Director of the Year Award. Jim joined Xanitos as Director of UPMC Altoona in 2009. He oversees both the Environmental Services and Patient Transport departments. Jim is an excellent leader and the results he and his team have achieved at UPMC Altoona are exceptional!

"Jim has attained an exemplary standard at UPMC Altoona through the implementation and execution of the Xanitos program. Jim has accomplished this by promoting an atmosphere of Teamwork. As the leader, Jim can't be the star player scoring all the points but, instead, as Player Coach has built a strong Team and as a collective group Team members have scored many points and therefore have accomplished an exemplary Xanitos standard. Teamwork began by Jim building trust in the group; furthermore, Jim has made an imprint on over thirty entry level Supervisor trainees who have had their on-boarding and training under Jim. Several have risen to the level of Director, never losing touch with his teachings once they completed their on-boarding.

Jim, congratulations to you and your Team. Your motivation of the Team to accomplish the goals and objectives of Xanitos at UPMC Altoona has produced stellar results. Jim, thank you for your hard work and for your loyalty and support".

-Tom McCullough, Regional Vice President (Central/Southeast)

From left, President and COO, Mike Bailey; Director Jim Kimble; and Founder and CEO, Graeme Crothall