Announcement: Dave Crothall named CEO


Xanitos is delighted to announce our Board of Directors has appointed Dave Crothall as Chief Executive Officer. Over his 10 years tenure, Dave has held positions in sales, marketing, and operations and has been successful in each assignment. 

From the Desk of Dave Crothall

I will always remember my first few days with Xanitos. As many of you know, I came to the company from outside the industry having founded, managed and operated coffeeshops in my then-hometown of Victoria, Canada. Intrigued by my father’s excitement in a new way of cleaning hospitals combined with the pending partnership with Kaiser Permanente, I chose to sell my coffeeshops and move “south of the border” for a new challenge. I will admit those first few January days “down south” in a freezing Milwaukee blizzard had me wondering “what have I done?”.

Over the next several weeks and months working alongside our XRO teams, surgical area cleaning teams, floor techs and waste techs, I saw exactly what I had done: I had joined a team committed to making a difference, to doing the right thing, to helping save lives. In working with our XRO Teams, I relished in wowing patients with our vacuum and hearing them ask, “where can I get one of those?”. My rigorous training included countless topics; however two fundamental themes of my education stick with me today. One, strive to prepare each employee for success with the knowledge, standards, process and tools to safely complete the task at hand. Two, ensure each team member knows their value, their contribution and can see a path before them that inspires and motivates them. After all, as incredible as our patented and proprietary systems and processes are, Xanitos is only as strong as the people who join us in helping save lives every day.

Today, I am confident that you too have experienced Xanitos’ embrace of these fundamental elements of education and see them as a complementary differentiator with our innovative philosophy. I am confident that you, like me, are inspired by our future leaders where one in every four Xanitos managers receives a promotion each year. You are excited to hear of the many frontline associates who have taken the next step in their careers to become a manager and to learn of the many leaders in Xanitos who recently celebrated their 5 or 10 year anniversaries with the company as well as those who celebrate being with us since our founding year in 2008.

Xanitos’ commitment to our people also acts as a commitment to our hospital partners. As a quality and service oriented company, we must continue to apply the same principles of retaining and growing our people to retaining and growing our hospital partnerships.  We are seeing hospitals turn to Xanitos to effectively engage, prepare and develop the front line workforce and ensure regulatory preparedness at all times. Effective talent management is the driver of measurable performance in environmental services and the right thing to do in an industry of people.

To support our people, Xanitos will further open communication channels, lead transparently, reinforce and reestablish education standards and assure our programs are in place through regular, predictable audits. By aligning goals and establishing integrated and inclusive communication between Xanitos’ specialist supports in education, operations, talent management and business development, our regional leadership can adapt quickly to leverage our strengths, differentiate our value proposition and invest in our hospital partnerships effectively.

Regionalization of leadership supported by national standards will define Xanitos in the years ahead. We will empower and grow our local and regional leaders, customize service to support the varied goals of our hospital partners and earn appreciation from each other, our hospitals and the patients we all serve. I look forward to working alongside you and enjoying the journey ahead, always focused on what we do: helping to save lives.