First Client in Arizona


Xanitos is thrilled to announce the commencement of its agreement with Northwest Medical Center (NMC) in Tucson, Arizona to provide EVS, Patient Transport and Linen Distribution management services. NMC will mark Xanitos' entre into the state of Arizona. Xanitos now serves nearly 50 clients in 15 states.

Unimpressed with previous proposals, NMC elected to stay in-house until an e-mail from Xanitos describing Xanitos' unique approach to EVS services caught the attention of senior NMC Administration. NMC seized the opportunity to improve upon the quality and efficiency of its EVS program following a thorough evaluation of Xanitos' innovative technology and experienced support managers.

Xanitos and their team have received a very warm welcome from both NMC leaders and EVS hourly staff who are very excited about the implementation of Xanitos' XRO System. Sal Racobaldo is leading the start-up team of Connie Lancaster, Jen Biskup, Paul Tarrant, and Guillermo Calderon.