How to provide Inclusive Education to your EVS employees

How to provide Inclusive Education to your EVS employees |

Xanitos' Regional Training Directors have had the unique opportunity to work and engage with many different employee groups that reflect the many different communities that we work in across the country.  The diversity we engage with in a single employee group is wonderful and exciting, let alone when considering the diversity from one geographical area to another.  And yet, this poses a unique challenge - how do we create standardized training and education programs that resonate with different levels of education, languages and societal norms?  This in itself is one of the ways Xanitos excels as a company delivering inclusive education programs that send a clear and unified message, "we help save lives", engage the learner and allow for flexibility to compensate for learner differences.  The Xanitos education team wants to share some of the tools we have picked up along the way that can be applied with your own team. 

Each individual has a different set of past experiences and cultural influences that can impact how they perceive, interpret and utilize information.  Similar to how Xanitos adapts our operational programs to fit a client’s needs, when it comes to training and education, each team member is our client and it’s our responsibility as an educator to adapt our programs so each team member engages with content. Below are several tips that can help you fully engage your team with delivering education, meetings and even huddles.

Remember, it may be necessary to schedule one-on-one sessions with anyone struggling with content.  Having trouble understanding can be frustrating and embarrassing, and by taking time to create a safe space for learning your team members are more likely to engage and embrace education.