Leader of the Quarter at Union Hospital

Union "Leader of the Quarter" Nick Ball | www.xanitos.com

Above:Union's Leaders of the Quarter, including Xanitos' Nicholas Ball, Laundry and Distribution Director, far right.

Union Hospital Recognizes Xanitos Manager: Nicholas Ball
Laundry and Distribution Director at Union Hospital

This fall, Union Hospital recognized Xanitos manager Nicholas Ball as a "Leader of the Quarter". Nick has directed the laundry and linen distribution program at Union for the past year to great success. As a "Leader of the Quarter," he was recognized for his excellent interactions with both staff and fellow leaders, and for continually seeking ways to improve his unit for the betterment of Union Hospital. We congratulate Nick on his achievements and look forward to his continued leadership with Xanitos!

Shawn Jeffrey, Director of Linen and Laundry, says of working with Nick:

"When Tom McCullough, Regional Vice President, and I met Nick Ball a number of years ago, we knew he was one of the top people in the industry. Nick cares about his people and is a polished and experienced Manager. When Xanitos was selected to operate Union Hospital's in-house laundry and provide linen distribution to the facility, I reached out to Nick to assist with the start-up.

The start-up at Union went smoothly in large part because of Nick's performance. All savings outlined in Xanitos' proposal were achieved in a short period of time, and Nick found additional savings in trucking, chemical, and equipment leases. He also covered as an Interim Director of EVS for a period of 3 months while the new Director was being hired.

Our client, Jack Hill, was so impressed with Nick that he asked if he would stay on as the new Director of Laundry and Linen at Union. Nick accepted the position, and the rest is history.

I am pleased to have the ability to work with Nick on a regular basis and am grateful that Nick decided to join our team. Recently, Nick was awarded Union Hospital Leader of the Quarter. This is a great honor for not only Nick, but Xanitos as well. As an outside vendor, it is rare that one of our people would be awarded such an honor. This recognition shows that Nick is seen as a hospital employee first, and not just a vendor. I am very proud to have Nick on the Xanitos team."

Congratulations Nick!