Recruiting and Hiring During COVID-19


During these unprecedented times, recruiters and hiring managers alike are faced with a growing challenge…how to efficiently locate, select and retain talent in the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an HR Recruiting Coordinator specializing in Environmental Services (EVS) talent acquisition for Healthcare, I find myself revisiting, repurposing and refining recruitment methods to resonate during the current pandemic. Taking the time to re-evaluate and re-strategize has led me to focus my efforts on community outreach and building stronger connections with applicants.

By implementing a local level recruitment approach, we collaborate with non-profits, state unemployment offices, and colleges and universities to reach and engage new applicants. This new “traditional” approach leverages pre-internet approaches of word of mouth and personal referrals to source applicants.

By focusing locally, recruiters can make a positive and rapid impact. In encouraging word of mouth through creative bonus programs and local networking, recruiters can leverage an invisible “recruiting assistant” to provide leads and referrals. As credibility in our workplace grows in the community through this word of mouth and in creating strong, stable jobs for the local economy, the local recruiting engine grows stronger, attracting talent on our reputation and integration into the communities we serve.

At the applicant level, recruiters are reminded of the shared desires of all employees, whether they be an hourly associate, manager or director.  They are joining a company in which they will not only have the tools, education and leadership to succeed, but also the opportunity to develop and further advance their career. Many seek further enrichment in their work:

  • To make a positive impact in bettering the quality of life for their community.
  • To find a sense of belonging while working towards a greater goal.
  • To feel the sense of accomplishment that comes when serving their community during challenging times.
  • We have also learned the same desire seems to be shared by other applicants with non-related backgrounds and experienced professionals who have been deeply impacted by the pandemic who are now rethinking their career path. They are finding themselves attracted to the job security, growth opportunity and humanitarian aspect that comes from working in healthcare.

These findings provide Xanitos with reassurance that our continuous investment at a local level is the appropriate path for a company wishing to make a meaningful impact while retaining talent.

The famous quote by Aristotle, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” provides an invitation to find comfort and balance as we navigate through challenges and face new obstacles. It also reminds us of the importance of creating connections, making positive impressions and sparking interest in new opportunities, which is after all what Recruitment, is all about.