Struggling with Hospital Housekeeping Vacancies ?

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During these unprecedented times, hospitals across the country are struggling to efficiently recruit and retain healthcare workers given the macroeconomic headwinds. For an Environmental Services department, staffing is crucial in the ability to deliver excellent service and a safe environment.1

A three-hospital healthcare system in Western New York was challenged with EVS department vacancies. In January 2022, Xanitos partnered with the healthcare system to build and manage internal recruitment processes for the Environmental Services Program.


A multi-hospital healthcare system in Western New York was challenged to overcome staffing shortages and create a recruitment pipeline. In late January 2022, Xanitos partnered with the healthcare system for twelve (12) weeks to build and manage internal recruitment processes for the Environmental Services program. At the time of implementation, there was a combined vacancy rate of over 30% within the client’s Environmental Services departments.


As an expert in recruiting and onboarding within the EVS field, and by implementing a more “hands-on” approach, Xanitos collaborated with non-profits, local community centers, and employee networks to increase new applicant flow. By leveraging Xanitos’ recruitment software, an open line of communication between recruiting and hiring managers was maintained, allowing for transparency in the pipeline progress and more frequent follow-ups with candidates.

  • Reduce the time to hire:
    A swift hiring process gives insight into the professionalism, culture and values of a company, helping to secure candidate buy-in from the beginning of the process. To achieve this, greater accommodation of a candidate’s needs are given, such as flexibility around interview times and pre-employment requirements. Consistent follow-up through a centralized recruiter, helping guide the new candidates throughout the process, helped reduce onboarding time by 50%.
  • Promotion of benefits unique to the Health Care System:
    Employee benefits represent a significant percentage of an employee’s overall compensation and a deciding factor when considering a company, yet these benefits are often not given much credit due to how confusing they can be. By presenting and promoting the benefit package available to candidates in a digestible manner, potential recruits will be provided another compelling reason to join an organization.
  • Marketing flexible salary ranges and the opportunity for professional growth:
    Salary structures are an important component of effective compensation programs and help ensure that pay levels for different job classifications are competitive externally and equitable internally. Designated salary ranges also allows management to reward performance and skills and further differentiate from local competitors. Additionally, the opportunity to grow and advance within the department or the health system are key differentiators from many other comparable positions available in the market within the wage scale.
  • Adjusted our hiring criteria:
    Diversity drives innovation, which is one reason why recruiting talent from a variety of backgrounds makes such a difference. Holding out for best-match candidates can mean that vacancies remain open for weeks or even months. This means that existing employees are working harder to provide the necessary coverage, possibly damaging morale and increasing staff attrition rates. Adjusting the standard hiring criteria can often deliver a wealth of benefits, boosting the diversity of the workforce and introducing fresh perspectives to problem solving.


This partnership led to a dramatic increase in staffing levels, with over 50% improvements at every individual location resulting in a combined vacancy rate of less than 5%. With adequate and safe staffing levels, EVS has been able to support better care for patients, reduce staff fatigue, prevent burnout, and increase patient satisfaction.

Vacancy rates measured by the hospital system internally.

1 KaufmanHall, State of Healthcare Performance Improvement Report. October 18, 2022.

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