Xanitos’ successful program and additional resources led to savings of 18% in cleaning supplies

Xanitos’ successful program and additional resources led to savings of 18% in cleaning supplies | www.xanitos.com


An acute care 460-bed hospital providing healthcare to a five-county Florida region struggled with supply and linen management leading to wasted resources and unnecessary costs.

Without controls, supplies were a “free for all” and linen was being misused and thrown out at an alarming rate. There was a lack of education and training for hospital staff.


Xanitos leadership understood that a dual approach was necessary to curb employee behavior. End-users had to be educated on proper utilization and controls had to be set up to align with proper behavior:

  • Informative training sessions were held with all hospital staff providing education on the impact of supplies and linen misuse. Visuals from waste audits highlighted the amount of supplies being wasted and tying the impact to costs made the financial consequences more tangible.
  • Rounding closets and storage rooms was necessary to pull out all of the “contingency” supplies that had been built up on each unit.
    PAR levels were developed for each unit and the EVS department began owning the delivery of all supplies. Only the amount need within a 24-hour period was delivered. Any additional requests for supplies went through EVS management.
  • Beyond satellite storage areas on each unit that held only a 24-hour PAR level’s worth of supplies, all other supplies became centralized. Supplies would be taken directly from the loading dock to a primary supply room that was monitored by EVS management to reduce shrinkage, the loss of supplies that can be attributed to bad actors.


The results were immediate. With improved usage behavior, proper PAR levels established and controls implemented, supplies and linen waste was reduced while requests from units also decreased as a result of being properly resourced.

Financial data comparing before and after Xanitos took ownership of supplies and linen saw a realized savings of 18% compared to the hospital’s supply spend the year before.

Xanitos has changed the way hospitals are cleaned to provide your patients and staff a safer healthcare environment. Today we serve nearly 100 Medical Centers across the US.

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