Contract Cost Savings: Boosting Productivity and Patient Satisfaction

Case study on contract cost savings with productivity improvement and patient satisfaction


The financial landscape for hospitals and health systems is rapidly changing. While staffing shortages and increased labor costs are driving an unprecedented financial crisis in healthcare, maintaining patient safety and a positive patient experience remains of the utmost importance.

One national health system performed an audit of their Environmental Service departments and programs. They decided to partner with Xanitos to reduce costs without sacrificing quality and service for their patients and individual hospitals.


During a 12-month period, the hospital gained the following operational efficiencies: 

  • Education and recruiting teams helped improve vacancy rates prior to contract start from over 15% to under 5% .
  • Productivity improved across all hospitals by 9% by implementing staffing software to calculate and allocate labor more effectively.
  • Xanitos invested capital for new equipment, tools, and project work.
  • The XRO-3 vacuum cart reduced dust and decreased the incidence of infectious pathogens, while adhering to overall patient safety.
  • Patient satisfaction scores for cleanliness (HCAHPS) rose by over 5%.


Xanitos provides their partners with capital resources, specialized training and support, and operational efficiencies that lead to long-term success and improved patient outcomes.

Xanitos has changed the way hospitals are cleaned to provide your patients and staff a safer healthcare environment. Today we serve nearly 100 Medical Centers across the US.

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