Commercial Laundry Program: Driving Results

Xanitos has provided laundry services to hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers and other essential and service-oriented businesses. Xanitos currently operates from state of-the-art laundry processing facilities in multiple states delivering quality linens into the healthcare systems. As a provider, we partner with healthcare administrators, clinicians, and staff to deliver a wide variety of, safe linens to thousands of hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, and nursing homes. Xanitos follows healthcare laundry processing standards set by OSHA, JCAHO, and other federal agencies.

This case study outlines how our customer, a large East Coast multi-hospital system was experiencing high and continuously rising laundry and linen costs. Achieved considerable cost savings, while supporting its goals of sustainability and reducing environmental impact. At the time, linen utilization was nearly 14 pounds per adjusted patient day and service costs were running close to $9.00 per adjusted patient day. With over 3,000 licensed beds, with a very active emergency departments at each site, and significant outpatient activity, the system needed to take action to halt escalating laundry and linen costs and develop a go-forward strategy to reduce expenses in this area. Read on to learn how Xanitos’ partnership helped them to meet their goal of sustainability & cost savings.


The system engaged the assistance of Xanitos as an ideal partner given Xanitos’ impressive track record of delivering cost savings in laundry and linen expenses for hospitals and healthcare systems. Xanitos conducted a comprehensive analysis of the situation, identified expense reduction opportunities, developed a practical and effective enactment plan, and worked closely with the system to assist in the implementation and execution of the recommendations.

Xanitos recognizes there is a pace of change associated with each laundry and linen cost reduction initiative. Some initiatives can be implemented immediately, and the results realized quickly. Other opportunities can take several years to fully achieve the desired result. The collaborative approach implemented has delivered and continues to deliver impressive and significant results.


Working in tandem with the system, Xanitos’ executed plan delivered cost savings in excess of $1.9 million over a five-year period. Cost savings were realized by the system year over year as shown below.

TRUSTED Commercial Laundry Program for your business

Xanitos commercial laundry solutions are designed and engineered to give your business the control it needs. Xanitos possesses the necessary experience and resources to support your business. We are confident we can deliver cost savings of at least 5% and service improvements that will positively impact your facility.

• Clean Linen delivered reliably, with guaranteed savings of at least 5% savings or more over your current cost.

• Laundering and handling processes that meet or exceed regulatory agency guidelines.

• Green Practices that reduce the amount of water and chemical utilized, and waste produced.

• Data Analysis and reporting to provide accurate tracking of linen utilization and realize cost savings.

• Transparent pricing and contract arrangements based on clean scaled pounds with no hidden charges.

Xanitos has decades of experience efficiently managing and operating laundries and linen distribution for hospitals and systems nationwide. National Director of Laundry and Linen, Shawn Jeffrey leads all linen and laundry initiatives to deliver high quality service to our growing client base. This knowledge and experience in managing laundries combined with Xanitos' industry leading EVS programs has allowed Xanitos to deliver significant linen program savings and quality improvements to all of Xanitos’ partners.