Patient Experience​ enhances with Xanitos’ XRO system

The number one priority for Xanitos managed EVS departments is to help save lives. It’s why we vacuum every patient room every day with our ultra-quiet, ULPA filtered vacuum system and it is also why we use high quality microdenier cloths and mops to disinfect every high touch point and hard floor surface. In each of our own personal experiences at Xanitos, every Manager must go through extensive training.  

XRO® training to learn the daily duties of a Xanitos EVS associate, we’ve all experienced the awe of a patient who is amazed that we are vacuuming every part of their room…every day. Their eyes follow us around the room as we vacuum the vents, behind the door, under their bed and even on top of the TV. And inevitably before we leave, we are asked, “Where can I get one of those?” ​ 

​It is for this reason, that Xanitos focuses on successfully implementing our systems, providing regional support to audit these same systems and carry out a robust quality assurance program designed to ensure all the programs and systems Xanitos provides are being carried out. ​ 
​Xanitos believes Hospitals will benefit from our tailored patient experience program, in combination with Xanitos’ established standard work. Driving patient satisfaction scores from good to great requires that all patient spaces not only look clean but feel clean from the perspective of the patient. Xanitos has found that there are several key factors that drive a patient’s perception of cleanliness; physical cleanliness, visibility, interaction, organization, and understanding/relating to a patient’s past experiences.  

One of the foundations of a positive patient experience is communication, both among providers and between providers and patients. Several questions on the HCAHPS survey address communication, such as: How often hospital staff listened carefully to them. Under the XRO® team cleaning approach, each staff member is trained (including scripting) on what to say to the patient to describe how the tasks they are performing are part of the total clean. For this reason, we select team members that have a pleasant manner and shining personality with good communication skills. ​

All frontline staff receive annual refresher training that focuses on HCAHPS, AIDET, Customer Service and key words for patient interaction. In addition, frontline staff are educated and coached on how to communicate with hospital employees properly and comfortably regarding concerns observed in clinical care; this is achieved through a combination of role play and the use of AIDET Observations. Xanitos Managers work closely with staff completing daily cleans of in-patient rooms on a regular basis to ensure effective messaging focused on cleanliness and authenticity in their communication with patients. AIDET observations are conducted regularly with follow-up training tracked in Xanitos’ quality assurance software, XanApps®. 

As an integral component of healthcare quality, patient experience includes several aspects of healthcare delivery that patients value highly when they seek while they receive care which is cleanliness. ​Each Xanitos-led EVS program has a HCAHPS Communication Board posted in a highly visible area that defines HCAHPS, the survey process, communication standards and behaviors that drive scores among many other standards in customer service excellence. ​ To make a positive patient experience is part of Xanitos’ culture. 
​The authenticity and kindness that frontline staff can achieve with patients is a vital component of the patient experience. Xanitos recognizes that a friendly housekeeper with a positive demeanor is far more likely to engage patients when they themselves are engaged. While the fundamentals of interaction are supported by strong training in customer service, a housekeeper is only fully engaged through a comprehensive engagement program composed of fair and balanced work loading, provision of the best-in-class tools, pro-active management, clearly communicated expectations, opportunity for growth and development and a fair compensation.​ 
What initiatives are you taking at your hospital to improve HCAHPS scores? 
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