Reduced patient throughput time and hourly overtime


The Environmental Service Departments in at a multi-hospital health system faced significant hurdles in meeting patient care experience standards. Survey scores dipped below expectations, well below than the National Top Box percentile, while bed throughput time was also very long. Additionally, high hourly vacancy rate surpassed 45%, posing a critical staffing challenge. Despite these obstacles, preserving the cohesive culture across hospitals remained a priority during performance improvement efforts.


Hospital leadership sought assistance from Xanitos to enhance performance while maintaining the organizational culture. With Xanitos’ involvement, a comprehensive culture and performance improvement framework emerged, emphasizing trust and engagement across various channels. 

The strategic transition focused on key areas including implementing a Cleanliness Action Plan, fostering clear and consistent communication, setting higher performance standards, nurturing a culture of listening, and highlighting the critical role in saving lives. These concerted efforts aimed to drive positive change and elevate the healthcare experience for all stakeholders.


Improved Staffing Efficiency: Over four months, overtime rates decreased significantly from 9% to below 1.5%, reflecting enhanced efficiency and commitment to care standards.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Implementation of a comprehensive Cleanliness Action Plan and staffing model overhaul led to decreased complaints and improved patient satisfaction, with metrics rising 10%.Successful Staffing Transformation: Despite facing a 45% vacancy rate initially, collaborative efforts resulted in operating at 100% staffing capacity, significantly boosting staff morale and enhancing patient experience.

Improved Throughput: Implementation of Xanitos’ recommended staffing model reduced bed turn time, while fair workload distribution improved departmental culture and accountability.

Nurse-Housekeeping Partnership: Bridging the gap between leadership and the housekeeping team.

Overall, these results highlight the success of the partnership with Xanitos in overcoming challenges and achieving significant improvements in patient care experience and operational efficiency.

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